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Furniture Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture is an an investment designed to keep you and your family comfortable. But, life happens: accidental spills, lounging pets, a little one's birthday party complete with giggling friends jumping up on the sofa with cake frosting on their hands. Yes, wear and tear are bound to happen. Day after day, dirt and grime begin to build up, making your furniture lackluster. Call Eco Fusion Carpet Care. You can expect us to inspect your furniture for potentially permanent stains or damage. We will then pretreat and perform the upholstery cleaning with our hand tool which works best for cleaning your furniture. This will help your pieces to look, smell and feel more clean. Relying on Eco Fusion Carpet Care will insure that the upholstery in your home receives the care and maintenance needed to extend its life and bring many years of comfort!

Spilt Juice
Stains Are All Gone
Stains From Liquid
Clean After Eco Fusion
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